Taste Nightclub

Taste Restaurant Nightclub, setting a new level in the Restaurant & Nightlife industry, by recreating an unrivaled and unforgettable experience for every single one of our guests.

This restaurant specializing in California Comfort Food, using classic flavorful dishes made from fresh and high-quality ingredients.  Offering a friendly and casual atmosphere where you can enjoy a great bottle of wine to a classic plated contemporary dish.

At Taste Restaurant Nightclub we strive to bring a full sensory experience to all of our customers. It’s a stylish design and sophisticated feel. This complements the premium bottle service experience, offering over 30 exclusive VIP tables, providing a diverse arranges of views & two warm fully staff rooms.

Welcome to Taste Restaurant Nightclub.

ciroc3VIP Bottle Pricing

Drink Call

Well Drinks:                  $ 8    

Call Drinks:                   $ 9    

Premium Drinks:           $ 11  

Super Premium Drinks:  $ 13 

Ultra Premium Drinks:   $ 30+

Domestic Beers:            $ 5    

Import Beers:                $ 6

Vos Water:                    $ 5

Sugar Free/ Redbull:     $ 5



VIP Host Contact information

Amrit 408-896-0121/Amrit@tasteonline.biz

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